10 Ways Kids Can Start Making Money Today

At FUNancial Freedom, learning to make money as a kid is one of the important money lessons that we teach. And the good news is, there are tons of money making opportunities online and offline for kids like you.

It’s fun to learn about money, but it’s more fun to actually start earning money. Don’t you think so?

Just think about it, if you can buy your own cookies, trendy clothes, gaming tools, or even pay for a skill you want to acquire, it will give you some feeling of independence, right? But, you can’t experience that awesome feeling if you don’t learn to make your own money.

Besides, dad and mom will be proud of you for taking some minor expenses off their shoulders. And, do you know what’s more exciting, they will be really proud that their kid is growing up fast and learning to take responsibility.

So, are you ready to explore some cool ideas that can help you start making money? Great!

#1: Create a Lemonade Stand

Kids like Vivienne Harr have not just made remarkable stride with the lemonade business, Business Insider and other notable media outlets have featured Vivienne as one of the flourishing kid-preneurs.

Do you know what’s more exciting? Vivienne is also doing charitable work with part of the proceeds from her lemonade business.

One of the best times to set up a lemonade stand is during summer. You can make good money with your lemonade business during this time. You can even get some kids in your neighborhood to join you in selling lemonade during summer. That sounds cool, huh? The more, the merrier!

#2: Make Jewelry

Are you fond of crafting and making jewelry? You can turn your hobby into a money-generating venture. From boondoggles to beaded pieces, there are different types and patterns of jewelry you can make to generate money.

Thinking of where to sell your jewelry, hand crafts and other goods? There are tons of options you can experiment with of course. You can conduct yard sales with the help of your older siblings or parents. You can also take advantage of car boot sales or sell at market stalls.

Guess what? You can promote and sell your jewelry products from the comfort of your home by leveraging websites such as Etsy. In fact, Etsy is one of the best places to sell your crafts and collectible vintage items.

#3: Sell Items You Don’t Need

Have you considered that your old shoes, clothing items, electronics and other items sitting idle at home can generate you some money? As a good kid, you need to take permission from mom and dad first.

Once your parents give the go ahead, it’s time to gather those items that can generate money and put them up for selling. You can advertise some of them on sites like Ebay and Amazon. You can also conduct a yard sale.

#4: Babysit for Neighbors

If you are fond of babies, you can turn your fondness into a money-making venture. You can make money babysitting for your neighbor. In fact, babysitting is one of the easy ways that kids can make money.

Do you know what? You can ask your mom, dad, or older siblings to refer you to their friends who may be looking for a babysitter. If you want to really get ahead and become highly employable as a babysitter, you should consider taking some quick courses on how to handle babies.

Have you heard about Sittercity? It’s an online network of babysitters. You can learn some cool babysitting skills from participants on the network. If you are serious with this passion, you can build a lucrative business with babysitting, even as a kid!

#5: Sell Drinks and Baked Good

You can also make stand for drinks and baked foods in your neighborhood. How about selling similar refreshments at community events? That’s a cool idea, right? It definitely is!

Just find out if there are some requirements by the local authorities. Once you have the permission, consider summer as a good time to make some money with your refreshment business. You will need a cooler to chill the drinks and bottled waters. Parks are also great places to sell chilled drinks on a sunny day.

#6: Hold a Daycare During School Vacation

I told you earlier that there are tons of ways to make money as a kid. You just have to be serious about making money. Another great idea, especially for those who are passionate about taking care of babies and toddlers is to hold a daycare.

During school vacations, you can dedicate your time to making money with a daycare service. Do this in your neighborhood and create awareness with flyers and word of mouth.

You can even hire some of your mates in the neighborhood to be part of your vacation daycare service. That sounds cool, right? Becoming an employer as a kid? You should be proud of yourself when you achieve this!

#7: Mow Lawns

How about shoveling driveways and mowing lawns around your neighborhood to make some money? That’s not a bad idea, right? If you are serious about this business, you can create a business name for it.

Spread the word around and use flyers to advertise your service. When you are starting up, you can rent lawn moving equipments to save cost. You can also ask if the client has their own equipment, so that you can spend less on equipment rental cost.

When your business gets bigger and better, you can budget to buy your own lawn mowing tools and equipment.

#8: Buy and Resell Online

Do you know that you can also make cool money buying and reselling stuff online? You need to hone your shopping skills, develop a good eye for spotting good deals, going for the deal, and reselling at a higher price to make some profit. Wow, that really sounds cool!

Rummage online and look out for low priced valuable stuff (especially used and vintage items). You can also attend garage sales in your neighborhood to collect items you can resell to make money.

For instance, if you spot a NetBook on sale online for the price of $80, you can almost double the price when you resell it online, especially after Black Friday. But hey, if you are not yet 18, you will need your parent’s help to open an online reselling account like Ebay.

#9: Pet Sitting

If you think that babysitting is a hard-work, or if you do not have the experience, or not up to the age of babysitting, you can settle for pet-sitting. What do you think? I think it’s a cool option.

Your neighborhood is always a good place to start. Look around for those who need help with pet walking/sitting. The elderly who do not have the strength to keep up with going around with their pets won’t be hesitant in considering your service.

#10: Tutor/Coach

You can offer a tutoring/coaching service on a school subject or skill that you are very good at. Check around your neighborhood for kids who need coaching or tutoring on the subject or skill you are savvy at.

I can go on and on with this list of ways that kids can start making money today. But then, enough of the talk, it’s time to take

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