Teenagers Are ONLY A FEW Years Away From Making CRITICAL Money Decisions… Are They REALLY Prepared?

Introducing a 4-Step System to Your Teenagers That Almost Guarantee Them A Successful Financial Future

PARENTS: We know it can be worrying, even scary enough to think that your teen is soon going to be an adult…

Your teenager is already making adult decisions or just a few years away from having to make adult decisions… do you feel they’ve learned the fundamentals of life to make such decisions?

Do you truly believe that they are being prepared for a very uncertain future?

Experts and futurists are saying that 7 out of 10 jobs may be replaced with AI and technology… Rising costs of living will make having a quality lifestyle more and more challenging…

Have you ever wondered why, given the vital relevance that MONEY plays in our adult life, why school, government and parents don’t place a MUCH higher priority on teaching our kids the fundamentals of making and manage money?

Its totally understandable that you are worried about your teen becoming an adult in this crazy world we live in today.

US Average

Potential Salary /

Getting a Job

The average American under 25 earns $3,257 per month

Going to College

The average allowance is around $100-$300 per month from parents or guardians OR the average amount earned from a part-time job on minimum wage is $1,160 per month

Living Expenses

The average living expenses
for a single person household are $3,189 per month

Included in college fees

Money Left Over

None after credit card

None after student loan

Amount of debt

The average American under 25 has $2,589 per month

The average American college student leaves with $37,787

Whichever option your teen chooses leaves a trail of expenses and a financial mess of perpetually not having enough.

What if you could also give them financial resilience and abundance? There is a way…

According to a study on raising financially successful children, people who reported learning about money as a kid/teen are three times as likely to have a personal annual income of $75k or higher than those who didn’t.

Therefore, starting to teach kids about making and managing money in their youth is not a ‘nice to do’, it really should be mandatory, and the sooner we start the better.

Don’t delay starting their financial literacy journey.

What would be possible for your young adult with this skill under their belt?


Teens are told to focus on getting into college (and that’s good), but bills, cars, groceries, and rent don’t always wait for graduation day.

No, that’s when college loans come due.

“Among today’s college students, 65% graduate with student debt.”


What if you can change that outcome for your teens and give them the skills to make money, manage money, build wealth and become financially resilient? This means your teen…

At Funancial Freedom, we are building financially resilient teens so they have more secure futures, no matter what’s going on in the world.

We MUST Help Teens Achieve A More Successful Future

I’m sure you’ll agree, that you MUST find ways to get our teenager THINKING about money before it’s too late and they become a statistic of adult financial challenges.

Introducing the FUNancial Freedom FUNdamentals program for Teens:

Set your teenagers on the path of financial success… even if they seem uninterested or not bothered?

Look, we understand, just because you know it’s VITAL that’s teenagers become financially smart, it does not mean they will be over enthusiastic.

However, where there is a will there is a way and our way is called LEAP, which stands for:


Watch your teens LEARN all about money while going on to build their own businesses in EARN… and what do they do with the money once they get it?

They ACCELERATE it through investments. But our FUNdamentals program does not stop there! Let your teens go through PLAY, where they will develop life skills that will have them set goals for their future!

We simply have to give them a reason to HAVE to start learning!

Our 4-Part L.E.A.P. Education Method Is Highly Practical, Effective & Engaging:

LEARN is the L of LEAP!

Every month in LEARN we will teach one aspect of money. For example, one month it may be how credit cards work. The next month how the banking system works etc.

So every month, your kids will LEARN something about money!

Play Video
Play Video

EARN is E in LEAP!

In every LEAP we will show your kids step-by-step how they can EARN an income from home. And we alternate between an online business one month and an offline business the next.

Plus, in every EARN there is a downloadable Playbook for your kids to follow along with.


Every month in ACCELERATE we will show you how to grow and scale your money.

In ACCELERATE, we will share the importance of saving and investing.

Play Video
Play Video

PLAY is the P of LEAP!

In PLAY, we will explore some fun ideas of what your kids can do with their income.

While at the same time giving back, creating an impact, and helping others.

Help Your Kids Create Their FUNtastic Future…

Gain confidence in their abilities.

Learn the power of action as they take charge of their future.

Gain valuable skills that aren’t taught in society, like financial fundamentals, goal setting, and entrepreneurship.

Express their creativity and turn it into a profitable enterprise.

A FUNtastic Future…

At FUNancial Freedom, you and your teens get access to an amazing community of like-minded peers, parents, and teens who know that they’re on the path to a bigger future… A future designed by you and your teen with an incredible foundation of financial freedom – a foundation that will strengthen every aspect of your teen’s life and bring your whole family closer together.

Inside our online learning platform, we have educational videos, games, rewards & levels, your own personalized vision board & goal setting area, the parent’s zone (where you can track your teen’s progress), a pitch tank that we call the FUNdable Zone and so much more!

Don’t miss out on connecting with a community of kids, teens, and parents that are all on the path to financial freedom.

Check out our FUNdamental Campus…

Play Video

We want to help you and your teens have a better financial future! We want you to enjoy more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life. That’s why we came up with the only online program to help create a better future for your kids. It’s called FUNancial FUNdamentals for Teens, and here is what you get:

They will benefit from…

VALUE = $1497

They will learn…

VALUE = $500

They will learn…

VALUE = $300

Your teen will start to earn using…

VALUE = $500

They will learn and implement…

VALUE = $200

This is where your teen will…

VALUE = $200

Here is what you get…

VALUE = $300

Here is what you can expect…

VALUE = $300

Here is how this will help your teen…

VALUE = $200

Everything you need in one place to help your teen’s success no matter their starting point now. Is the time to teach them these principles as it doesn’t matter where you start it matters most what you do with what you currently have that creates the most successful, happiest, confident and focused people in the world.

The total value of this is…

Total Value = $3997

Today It Is Only $197

As you’re on this page, you'll get a special price, this isn’t available anywhere else, and it is just for those wanting to take action right now!

Transform your teen’s future into a successful, happy, confident, and driven future so they can have everything they desire through their effort.

Our Proven Methods Are Built On Science…

Gamified interactive experiences - To hold your kid's attention.

According to a 2022 US study, 67% of students agree that gamified learning is both more engaging and motivating than traditional classes.

Hands-on activities - To break up screen time and solidify online learning.

Hands-on learning engages both sides of the brain, and by combining both styles of learning the brain better stores and understands information.

Short lessons that take minutes - To fit into your busy lifestyle.

Shorter lessons allow your kids to learn valuable information while still fitting into their normal routine – and it helps strengthen what they have learned.

Let’s Summarise…

FUNdamental Campus access for 13-17 year-olds (YouTube style content)


FUNda-Mental health tips and tactics


Learn: Teaching what money is and how it works


Earn: Guidance on how to create and scale 12+ income streams


Accelerate: Teaching how to save, compound and invest money


Play: How to set goals, impact positively and help others


Training video for parents to guide and support


Step-by-step playbook guides on earning income streams


Goal setting and vision board planners




Get over 95% OFF

Today you can get this for only $197


Hear from some of FUNancial community on how they have had success with our program!

Gerry Grimes

Play Video

Sierra Sasevich

Play Video

Now, you have a choice to make…

Option 1: Do Nothing

In which case, your teen continues their life as they are, and they do not advance any further, ending up in the ‘system’ hoping one day they can get past the daily grind that seems to end up nowhere. That’s if they are even able to pay their way long-term.

Option 2: Take Action

For the equivalent of 3 tanks of gas (petrol), you can have your teen start to thrive, save thousands as in the examples given and build a better future starting now! Through the compound effect, they can boost their success beyond anything anyone could imagine and be set up for life.

Allow them to finally live the life they deserve, live the life they choose, and live a life of happiness, joy, confidence, fulfillment, and financial abundance through which they can have choices and help others too.

I mean, isn’t that why we are here… to help others?

But it can only be done through an abundance.

It’s decision time; pick your package…

FUNancial FUNdamentals for Teens

Here’s a sneak peek inside Funancial Freedom™ for Teens:


Yearly Access

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FUNancial FUNdamentals for Kids

Here’s a sneak peek inside Funancial Freedom™ for Kids:


Lifetime Access


To get our FUNanical FUNdamentals for teens program, all you need to do is pay the one-time fee, and you will get lifetime access!

FUNancial Freedom also has a program for kids!  

Click Here to Buy our Kids and Teens Program

Once you buy our program, you will be sent an email that will invite you to the FUNdamental Campus, where you can access our program.

If you have both kids and teens, you should check out our FUNancial FUNdamentals for Kids and Teens, it’s also the best value for money!