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10 Things Kids Can Learn During Vacation

Do you know what I think? Kids should be sleeping late, playing video games and watching television all day, after a busy school year. Don't you think so, at least for the very first week? This is a good way to relax their brain before school resumes.

10 Ways Kids Can Start Making Money Today

At FUNancial Freedom, learning to make money as a kid is one of the important money lessons that we teach. And the good news is, there are tons of money making opportunities online and offline for kids like you.

10 Life Skills You Should Encourage Your Kids to Work On

You sure want your kid to be well-rounded in areas that matter in life, right? Every parent would definitely want that for their kids.  This is why you should encourage your kids to learn and work on essential life skills.

7 Things Your Kids Could Become Addicted To

These days, kids of different ages and sizes are drawn to some behaviors that can quickly turn to addiction. Even behaviors that may appear harmless at first may quickly turn to addiction.

10 Things Kids can Do to Enhance Their Grades at School

As parents, you feel disappointed when your kid comes back with a poor grade, don’t you? The kid is also not happy for the poor grades and for disappointing mom and dad.

10 Things Kids can Learn During Grocery Shopping

Have you considered that kids can learn some valuable things during grocery shopping? You are probably wondering, “Really?” “All they do is to make me incur unbudgeted expenses by demanding for this and that at the grocery store!”

10 Things Children Can Learn from Entrepreneurship

If you think your kid is too young to learn about entrepreneurship, you are mistaken! Have you heard about kid-preneurs? It’s the latest terminology for kids who are fast becoming world-class entrepreneurs!

8 Things Kids can Learn to Become More Independent

If you do not make a conscious effort to help your kids learn how to become independent, you will be stuck with helping them for the rest of their lives. That’s not something you want for your kids, right?

10 Games Kids can Play to Enhance Brain Function

Thinking of the best ways to help your kids stimulate and enhance their brain function? You’re probably not alone. There’s good news! Some fun games have proven to help enhance brain function. So, you don't have to give up on trying to help your kids enhance their educational performance and other activities that involve the brain.

Top Tips to Boost Your Teenager’s Mental Health!

It can be tough being a teenager. You're navigating all sorts of new emotions and experiences while trying to fit in and figure out who you are. For some teenagers, this can be really tough - and that's where mental health comes in.
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