10 Things Kids can Do to Enhance Their Grades at School​

As parents, you feel disappointed when your kid comes back with a poor grade, don’t you? The kid is also not happy for the poor grades and for disappointing mom and dad.

But, should you now give up on your kid or make the kid feel worthless? Of course not! The truth is, even the best brains falter in their grade sometimes, it just happens sometimes. What you should focus on is how kids can improve their grades at school.

A good starting point is to find out what exactly is responsible for the poor grade, don’t you think so? You definitely can’t improve something you do not know how it deteriorated, right?

So, come along, let’s explore some proven tips on how to enhance kids’ grades at school.

#1: Evaluate the Current Studying Techniques

Have you thought that the kid’s studying technique could be the main reason for the poor grade at school? Perhaps not. But, study has shown that poor studying technique can make even the brightest student get poor grades.

So, what’s the solution?

With the help of parents and teachers, a kid’s present studying technique can be reviewed. For instance, some students play around during a school term, only to jump into reading when examination is almost at hand. This is definitely a poor studying technique, don’t you think so?

A better technique is to start studying from the very start of the school year or term. Go through each day’s school work thoroughly, studying in depth and researching both online and offline (libraries) to learn more.

Studying every inch of the way will help the kid not to pile up school work and reading. So, as the examination approaches, the student will simply do revision and get ready for the exams.

#2: Paying Attention in Class

Many kids get easily distracted when lessons are going on in class. In fact, some kids don’t even attend classes but stay out playing games or doing other irrelevant things while their fellow kids are in class learning. So, how can they get good grades with such an attitude?

Some of the things that distract kids in class include the following;

  • Peer pressure – joining other kids to play truancy
  • Disturbed by some problems at home
  • Little interest in school and study

Parents and school counselors can sit with a kid who is consistently getting poor grades to find out where the distraction is coming from and offer an effective solution.

For instance, if a kid is under peer pressure, seeking to separate the kid from bad company by telling him the consequences of such a relationship can be helpful.

#3: Participation in Class

“Kids who have the habit of asking questions in class are most likely to get better grades than those who do not”, says a recent report.

Why sit back and do nothing, even when you do not understand the topic or how the teacher solved a mathematical problem? When you ask questions, you learn more!

Kids should learn to overcome shyness and participate while a class is going on. At home, parents can help kids learn how to participate in class by staging a mini class at home during home-study. This will go a long way in helping the kid overcome shyness and participate in class.

#4: Create a Study Schedule to Get Organized

You’re familiar with the saying, “If you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail”, right? That’s it! A student with no study goal and schedule is automatically planning for a poor grade, don’t you think so?

So, how can a kid create a study schedule to get organized? Start by assigning specific study goals daily. Also, create a timetable of how many hours you will devote to uninterrupted and devoted study.

To make this journey easier, break up your reading into chapters or topics. Do you get the point? The message is simple, don’t take up more than you can handle per time, so that you can comprehend better and faster. Studying goals should be realistic and attainable.

If you have a genuine reason for skipping your study in a particular day, you should make up for it the following day, even if it means studying extra hour (s) the following day.

#5: Talk to the Teacher

Do you know that the teacher is in a good position to help and advice a kid who is having poor grades? The student shouldn’t be afraid or shy to approach the teacher, they are there to guide and to help.

A parent can also speak with a teacher to find out the possible reasons why a kid is consistently failing or having poor grades, and effective tips or practical ways to enhance the kid’s grades.

#6: Have a Study Group

A study group can be quite helpful for students and kids who find it difficult to comprehend in class. Other kids who assimilate better in class can help throw more light on topics and mathematical problems.

Even if a kid is shy to ask questions or answer questions in class, a small study group should be less intimidating, and of course it’s easier to feel free to ask and answer questions among fellow students, right?

#7: Discover How Grade is Determined

This can also be very helpful in improving a kid’s grade at school. So, what is the step to take? At the beginning of the school year, kids and/or their parents can find out how grades are determined. And of course, who is in a better position to divulge this piece of information than the class teacher?

Usually, some of the aspects of school work that add up to determine grade include assignment, attendance, participation in class, test, and examinations. It can be helpful to find out how many marks each of these attract, so that a student can plan and schedule what study duration or input to dedicate to each.

Also, ask the teacher how you can get better grades in the different aspects being graded.

#8: Take Notes

It’s not enough taking notes in class, how good are the notes that a kid takes down? Do they emphasize the major points? Do such notes capture the salient points that the teacher is making?

These days, some students record the lessons/lectures with their mobile devices. Subsequently, they replay the information at home during their private study, to help them capture points they might have missed in the process and also assimilate better.

#9: Attend Summer Classes

Extra classes during the summer vacation can also help to prepare a kid for the coming school session. During the summer class, the previous school work is reviewed and the topics for the coming sessions are explored in advance.

This is definitely a great preparatory ground for the coming school year or session. Parents should consider enrolling kids in summer classes that are designed for their age, class or school subjects.

#10: Eat Healthy Food

Healthy breakfast is a great way to wake up kids’ brains and provide them with the energy for the day’s school work and study. A healthy breakfast enriched with protein, fiber and grains is definitely a good start for the kids.

Also, veggies, fruits and activities that help enhance brain function and comprehension can be good additions to a kid’s diet.

And of course, all work and no play will definitely make Jack a dull boy, right? In essence, create time for a break to relax the brain.

Don’t forget, you can only benefit from these tips on things kids can do to enhance their grades when you take the required action. So, go ahead and give it a shot!

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