10 Games Kids can Play to Enhance Brain Function​

Thinking of the best ways to help your kids stimulate and enhance their brain function? You’re probably not alone. There’s good news! Some fun games have proven to help enhance brain function. So, you don’t have to give up on trying to help your kids enhance their educational performance and other activities that involve the brain.

You are probably wondering, “How would mere game help my kid to improve brain function?” The answer is simple. The human brain requires some specific forms of stimulation to improve upon aspects such as problem-solving, creativity, and analytical thinking.

It’s just the same way that your physical body requires exercises to function better. And, one of the best ways to aid brain stimulation is to adopt certain games, so that the kid (and adults alike) can think outside of the box in trying to solve a problem or analyze things.

Do you know the beauty of it all? Kids won’t say no to the idea of playing games to enhance their brain performance as they may do with other activities. Of course you know why…they just love to play games a lot!

So, come along, let’s explore some challenging brain games for kids;

#1: Color Code

Color code, guess the code, and master mind are fun games for kids’ brain function enhancement. The objective is for the kid to figure out a random code. The kid gets some hints while playing the game, to help him or her figure out the code.

While playing these games, kids engage their analytical skill in trying to unravel the information available and figuring out the code in a logical manner.

#2: Memory Game

This is one of the top recommended games for enhancing kids’ brain performance. The reason is simple, it is highly effective in targeting a kid’s memory enhancement.

So, how does it work? Flashcards are provided on a grid. The kid is given the task of uncovering all paired flashcards that are similar. Two cards (max) can be revealed at the same time. Subsequently, the picture on those cards is concealed. 

The picture side is revealed permanently on the condition that the cards are similar. In addition to enhancing memory, the game also aids focus and attention improvement in kids.

#3: Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the top rated fun games for a kid’s brain function enhancement. The best part is that it is suitable for kids of all ages, and even adults. In fact, the game has the capacity to arrest brain function decline in older people, according to experts. So, you can play it with your kids, which means more fun, right?

So, how does Sudoku work? It comes with a grid that features some numbers while some numbers are missing. You can guess what is expected of the player, can’t you? To fill up the entire missing numbers.

Let me warn you early that the Sudoku game appears simple, but that’s deceptive! In the real sense, it can be brain tasking because the player can’t repeat the same number in the same column or row.

The game helps your kid to become a fast thinker! It is designed to challenge a player to think three to four steps ahead. It’s also a game that helps enhance the player’s planning skill.

#4: Brain Fitness

Let me warn you earlier, this game can be quite addictive! But, it’s a great game that will help kids’ brain function in a more robust manner. It can be played on the go and anywhere…a mobile game.

As the name suggests, it’s a brain workout that targets the enhancement of the player’s logical reasoning, information retention, and attention.

#5: Object Hunt

Some people call it “Find that thing” game. The child needs to embark on a physical activity with this game, which is the difference between Object Hunt and Word Hunt.

The best spots to play the game include the lawn, playground, or park. It involves flashcards. An object is written on a flashcard and the kid is required to find the object.

Need a practical example? Okay, here’s one. Let’s assume that the word in a flashcard is blue bicycle, the kid will need to find and identify the object in the surrounding area. It’s also a great game for enhancing kids’ comprehension.

#6: Word Hunt

Word hunt is the number six on our list of games to enhance brain function in kids. Again, flashcards are involved in playing this game. These cards feature pictures that the kid should match with a corresponding word that best describes each picture.

A practical example: If a flashcard features the picture of  a bird, the kid needs to select the picture that best matches the word “bird”, which could be tree for instance, since birds usually perch on a tree.

You can group the flashcards into different categories such as household objects, flowers, and animals. Word hunt is best suited for kids between ages 3 and 5 who are trying to learn new words or identify objects.

#7: Puzzle

This one sounds very familiar, right? Of course. Everyone plays puzzles, old and young. The good thing about Puzzle is that you don’t need to closely supervise the kids as they try to unravel the puzzle.

The kid’s curiosity keeps him or her engrossed with the game. So, as the game builds the kid’s spatial reasoning, it helps in his brain development, and hand-eye coordination as well.

#8: Blue Block

This mobile game will keep a kid completely engrossed. The kid is expected to rearrange the blocks in an attempt to free the Blue Dragon. While playing the game, a kid will learn that brute force can be an option sometimes but not all the time. The kid will realize that simple logic can help do a task faster and more effortlessly!

#9: Simply Smarter Kids

This game involves audiovisual cues and the player must remember them in the correct sequence. The objective is to aid the development and improvement of short-term and long-term memory. You don’t have to worry about supervising the kid while playing the game.

#10: Lumosity

The last but definitely not the least in our list of games that help enhance kids’ brain performance is Lumosity. The game has a scientific background as it was designed by neuro-physical researchers to help boost brain function optimally.

The game features more than 60 tasks. These tasks are designed to test a kid’s attention, memory, reaction time, problem-solving skills, and flexibility. It is a fun-packed game that kids will surely love!

So, what’s next? Get your kid started in playing these games for optimal brain function right away!

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