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Over 55,000 Young South Africans Introduced to FUNancial Freedom

International Program on How to Become Financially Smart Launched in South Africa

Thousands of South African children, teenagers and young adults were introduced to FUNancial Freedom, an international online platform designed to inspire the youth to become financially smart, at the recent Youth Month celebrations in Johannesburg.
Founded by digital marketing experts Paul O’Mahony and Chris Farrell, FUNancial Freedom provides young people with the tools required to understand money and empowers them to lead extraordinary lives.

The pair have identified South Africa as the first country in which to expand their platform to the global community.
“We feel that working with teens and young adults in South Africa, and creating role models here, will have very strong ripple effect in inspiring many more to follow suit and internally create leaders to continue to educate and empower,” said O’Mahony

Farrell added, “Our aim is to educate a new generation to become a master of money, as opposed to its slave.  When you take charge of your finances, it empowers and excites you to take on other challenges quickly.”

The FUNancial Freedom platform was launched as part of the Inspired Youth ‘Youth Month’ celebrations at the National Exhibition Centre in Johannesburg.

The Inspired Youth programme was created by Dene Botha to inspire and guide young people to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and embrace entrepreneurial thinking.
“We are delighted that FUNancial Freedom chose South Africa as the first international destination in which to expand the reach of their incredible program on how to deal with money and build successful lives,” said Botha.

Every attendee was also given the opportunity to get their own digital copy of FUNancial Freedom’s book ‘Rethink Money for Children and Teens’.

the platform was promoted by motivational speakers Jason Osborn and Jake Davey from FUNancial Freedom – who flew in from England to present an interactive workshop.
Jason Osborn & Jake Davey from FUNancial Freedom had the audience on their feet participating in the LEAP (Learn, Earn, Accelerate and Play) concept which inspires and guides young people on how to plan for a financially secure future.

Expresso Morning TV Spot

FUNancial Freedom was featured on SABC’s Morning Show – ahead of us launching FUNancial in South Africa.

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