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Kids Can Learn To Make Money… WITHIN 24 HOURS!

Set Your Kids Up For A Successful And FUN Future

We are an essential resource for progressive parents who understand and value the importance of learning good money attitudes, beliefs and habits at a young age… 

FUNancial Freedom


$1 14 Day Trial, then $37/month
OR $297 One-Time Payment for 1 year

Our FUNengaging and edutaining program is ideal for parents like you who understand the importance of teaching their kids (aged 7-17 year old), how to MAKE and MANAGE their own money so they: don’t have to rely on youdon’t grow up feeling entitled & develop time tested proven healthy habits, beliefs, and attitudes about money, through fun engaging online training so they can achieve true FUNancial Freedom.

Watch their FACE when they make their FIRST $$$

It truly is a PRICELESS moment, and can happen in as little as 24 hours!

Why We MUST Start Teaching Money Principles to Children & Teens…

The “system” is failing our children

The media’s influence is not helping our children

Studies show addictive gaming can be detrimental to children’s development

Some children are growing up entitled and with no respect for money

Most children have no understanding of how to manage any money they do have

Like it or not our children are growing up in an on-line era where digital technology is only going to become more sophisticated and integrated in all our lives

Some experts believe “traditional” money formats will be replaced by crypto in our children’s lifetime

Wealth building is not complex but it is boring, and hence why most adults NEVER learn the basics themselves

We have a limited amount of time to be a positive influence in our children’s lives. The core principles of wealth building are very much related to attitudes, beliefs, and habits which are easier to adopt at younger ages.

Why Our Program Works So Well…

We used proven principles of engagement and edutainment in course development

​Content is fun and engaging

​Complex subjects made super easy to learn

​ Parents and kids can do this together as a family activity

​ Ongoing community support 

​A new fun challenge each month to help improve core skills (seldom taught in schools) 

​Gets kids excited about learning 

Is This a Parenting Program / Will I Need to Be Involved?

The #1 question parents ask us is “is this a parenting program / how much time will I need to invest?”

The real answer is very much dependent on your unique child.
We’ve found for younger children 7-9, that parents who are more engaged will get the best results .
If your children are older 9-12 and already interested and self-actualized, they will go through the program and come to you with questions, which you can answer or post into the community .
If you have children who are NOT currently interested in making money, we recommend doing this as a family activity at first until they realise they can take the reigns themselves.
So what about older kids?
We have our Teen program with content specifically designed for 12-17 year olds, but in our experience if older children have shown little or no interest in making their own money by the time they get to around 15, they will probably not be interested.
Can adults benefit from this program?
100% – this might be the best financial literacy program for adults – because we’ve made it fun and easy to learn… but you might want to keep the fact this was the program that helped you become money smart to yourself!


$1 14 Day Trial, then $37/month
OR $297 One-Time Payment for 1 year



FUNancial Freedom
  • By signing up today, you guarantee your child’s spot within FUNancial Freedom. We’ll work together to set your child up to succeed at an early age by taking your child by-the-hand and showing them exactly what to do first, second… and third in a fun way. While allowing you as a parent to be involved every step of the way.
  • We have designed FUNancial Freedom to help any child or teen live an extraordinary life regardless of whether they know nothing about money. Or whether they’re looking to earn their own pocket change.
  • Once you enroll your child, you’ll receive a username and password, which allows you to log in to the member area and access all the content. Every month there’s also new a training for you to help guide your child further, faster.
  • All lessons are pre-recorded, and all the recordings will be available inside your private member’s area for life. Your child can learn anytime, anywhere, at his or her own pace.
  • Follow-along with complete progressive downloadable playbooks, planners, and other fill in the blank proprietary tools that show your child how to apply the entire curriculum from home.
  • Revisit as often as your child, and you want. The materials are yours for life with lifetime updates and no extra fees or subscriptions.
  • The effect of our work together is to help your child lead an extraordinary life, and this starts by understanding finances.
  • The purpose of this is to not only understand finances but also to build your child’s confidence. Which will empower them to take charge of their own future no matter what is happening around them.
  • Your child watches the fun videos, completes the simple to follow action items on the fun sheets, and witness them create a limitless future for themselves before your eyes.

None of this requires time away from your child’s schooling, extra curriculum activities, or family obligations.

Isn’t this the ultimate gift you can give your child?

$1 14 Day Trial, then $37/month
OR $297 One-Time Payment for 1 year


FUNancial Freedom Testimonial 1

The Content in the Member’s Area is broken down into 4 sections: L.E.A.P.

Learning is FUN at FUNancial. Here’s how it works!


LEARN is the L of LEAP!

  • Every month in LEARN we will teach one aspect of money
  • For example one month it may be how credit cards work
  • The next month how the banking system works etc

So every month your child or teen will LEARN something about money!


EARN is the E of LEAP!

  • Every month in EARN we will your child or teen step-by-step how they can generate an income from home
  • And we alternate between an online business one month, and an offline business the next

Plus in every EARN there is a downloadable Playbook for your Child or Teen to follow along with



  • Every month in ACCELERATE we will show how to GROW and SCALE your money.
  • In ACCELERATE we will share the importance of SAVING & INVESTING


PLAY is the P of LEAP!

  • In PLAY we will explore some fun ideas of what your child or teen can do with their income
  • While at the same time giving back, creating an impact, and helping others.


You can cancel anytime, no-questions asked, and owe us nothing more.

You know, I’m biased, but I believe FUNancial Freedom will find your child or teen opportunities that before they’ll otherwise “leave on the table”.

If you decide at anytime that FUNancial Freedom isn’t for you, you can simply cancel your payment authority. No questions asked! If you love it, stay and if you don’t there’s no hard feelings, we wish you every success! Simple as that.

Who We Are

FUNancial Freedom is created by Paul O’Mahony & Chris Farrell.

Paul is a three times best selling author and award-winning public speaker specializing in Digital Marketing, Mindset and Wealth Management,

Chris started a digital marketing business that within three years saw him become an in-demand speaker on the topic of business growth and marketing.

Within the Member’s Area of FUNancial — the content is delivered by animated versions of Paul and Chris – POM and CF.

Meet Shivanii Ray!

Global Community Engagement Champion

Shivanii Ray is an International Speaker, Singer Songwriter, Kids for Peace Spokesperson, Gamification Expert, Certified NLP Practitioner, Scuba Diver… Oh and a Voluntary Elementary School Dropout!

She’s been featured on Good Morning America and several other national & local media stations. She’s had the honour of being an interviewer on the Creative Arts Emmy Awards Red Carpet and spoken to people like James Corden, Jason Mraz, etc..

She started speaking at the age of 8, recorded her first album at the age of 15 but at 10 is when her life truly changed! She chose to leave school and global school while travelling the world. Learning about things that don’t get taught in the education system like personal development, personality analysis & more.

Now she’s excited to be the global face & community engagement champion here at FUNancial helping kids become financially smart!

$1 14 Day Trial, then $37/month
OR $297 One-Time Payment for 1 year


From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can get started!

I look forward to working with your child and using their results as case study evidence on how FUNancial Freedom empowers children to take charge of their own future.

Becoming a member of FUNancial Freedom puts your child and you into one of the greatest communities of tomorrows leaders there is anywhere in the world. This is the club your child and you want a membership into.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about starting the FUNancial Freedom Program. We’re happy to answer any you have.

What is Funancial?

FUNancial Freedom is an Online Membership which teaches 7 – 17 years olds how to become financially smart.

How does Funancial work?

Every month our members discover how to LEARN about money in a FUN way — how to EARN money with a simple business we share — how to GROW and SCALE money (through simple saving and investing) — and how to GIVE BACK and help others. New content is released every 30 days inside the Member’s Area.

Who is Funancial for?

Funancial is for 7 – 17 year olds. Inside the Members Area the content is broken down into two age brackets. There is animated content for Children between 7 – 13. And we have presenters teaching to camera for Teens aged between 14 – 17.

How does Funancial teach its content?

Funancial teaches using our unique method we call “LEAP”. Every month a new LEAP is released. LEAP stands for Learn, Earn, Accelerate & Play. The L stands for LEARN. Every month in LEARN we teach something about money. For example, one month it may be how the banking system works, another month how credit cards work, another month what Compounding is, etc etc. The E stands for EARN. Every month in EARN we introduce a Child or Teen to a business that they can set up and run from home. For example, in the first month, we introduce your Child or Teen to eCommerce, and how it is possible to earn regular pocket money with nothing more than a phone and selling clothes that they have grown out of or no longer wear. The A stands for ACCELERATE. Every month in ACCELERATE we will show how to GROW and SCALE your money by getting started with saving and investing. And finally the P stands for PLAY. Every month in PLAY we share how your Child or Teen can create good habits and healthy routines around the subject matter of mindset, health and wealth. Plus – we emphasize the importance of giving back, creating an impact, and helping others.

I am a parent. How do I know what my child will be taught?

Great question! Every month there is a module especially for parents/guardians that gives you an overview of what your Child/Teen will be taught that month.

Can you give me an example of what my Child/Teen will learn in the first month?

Sure. In the first month in the LEARN section we introduce our Members to Compounding. This is a concept that most adults do not know, but understanding compounding (particularly from a young age) can make all the difference to your future wealth. And of course – we teach this is a fun and entertaining way – with high energy and engaging animated videos. In EARN we introduce our Members to eComm. eCommerce is an industry that is going to be a huge part of the lives of all Children and Teens, and there are so many opportunities for Children and Teens to create their own pocket money by getting started in eComm, even at their young age. In ACCELERATE we share the importance of becoming a Good Saver. Anyone that has become financially successful has good saving (and investing) habits. We start to explore these in the first month. And in PLAY we deep dive into identifying what your Values in life are, and how to start to create good habits that are aligned to your values, while at the same time giving back and helping others.

How is the content delivered?

The content for 7 – 13 year olds is delivered in the form of short and snappy (2 minute duration) animated videos. The content for 14 – 17 year old is also delivered in short videos, presented by a couple of teenage early 20’s presenters. All of our content is high energy, fun and engaging. Nothing boring and dull! We are called FUNancial, after all!

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! If for whatever reason you are not 100% happy – just cancel your payment authority and you’ll owe us nothing more. No questions asked!