Teach Your Teen Financial Resilience No Matter What’s Going on in the World.

Funancial Freedom™ is the first online learning platform designed specifically to help Teens ages 13-17 develop the financial literacy skills, daily habits, and money skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive, 21st-century economy.

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Our Proven Financial Literacy Skills Are Built On

Gamified interactive experiences

To hold your kid's attention.

Hands-on activities

To break up screen time and solidify learning.

Short lessons that take minutes

To fit into your busy lifestyle

LEAP breaks down the Funancial content into 4 bite-sized modules:

Steps Towards Your Teens FUNancial Freedom!

Step 1

Pick a Plan

Choose a plan that works for your family (The LEAP for Kids & Teens version is the best value for money!)

Step 2

Get Access

Get access to our FUNdamental Campus! Your kids will enjoy an interactive experience filled with fun games and exercises.

Step 3

Reap the Rewards

Watch them play their way to their new found financial literacy skills and money smarts!

Check out our FUNdamental Campus...

Inside our platform, we have educational videos, games, rewards & levels, your own personalized vision board & goal setting area, a pitch tank that we call the FUNdable Zone and so much more!

Why Now? Why Do Your Teens Need Financial Literacy Skills?

The earlier they learn how to take responsibility for their income and how to grow their own wealth, the more likely they will gain self-reliance. 

They achieve financial success early in life which creates confidence to succeed without relying on others or world circumstances.

Daily financial habits become normal, so financial security becomes a way of life.

Have Questions?

We’ve integrated plenty of support for you, your kids, and your entire family:  

Reach out to our Community Support System. If your child (or you) has a question, send it in to our Members’ Support System and get your key questions answered right away! We’re always here for you.

Join Our Community of FUNancially Free Parents…

As members of our program you’ll gain access to a worldwide community of other like-minded, financially empowered parents…

You’ll be joining a club of families who are shaping their own economies rather than building other people’s wealth.  Our families love to support each other and answer questions.

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