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Make Your Kid's Money Smart

Give Your Kids the Chance to Become Money Smart.​

Become a Money Smart Family, Starting with Your Kids!

No parent ever thinks that their 7 year old needs to learn about finances.  Not until they complain to you in the middle of the store about why they NEED another toy and can’t understand WHY you won’t buy it for them.

The thing is, financial literacy IS a basic need and it should be introduced to your kids early enough, so it sticks with them for their entire life.

Money awareness is deeply rooted in money beliefs, attitudes, and habits that are developed between the ages of 7-17. These beliefs, attitudes, and habits run in families.

You have the opportunity to give your kids money smarts while building a new family-focused experience.  Grow your financial minds as a family.

Congrats Parents, you’re just in time!

Look, it doesn’t matter what your level of financial literacy is.  It’s okay, school did not teach this to you.  Many parents have joined our Funancial Freedom™ community to learn alongside their kids. 

Schools have forgotten a fundamental key to our ability to thrive – financial literacy.  And while our education system does many things right, this is not one of them.

And honestly, it needs to be a family affair.  Your kids will gain so much more by becoming money smart as a family.

Funancial Freedom™ was created to provide an engaging, attention-grabbing, FUN way to learn about finances, making money, and building wealth in a way kids LOVE. (And parents appreciate!)

We take the burden off your shoulders and make financial literacy a family affair.  We’ve even created courses that are specific to different age groups:  kids 7-12 and teens 13-17.  

We’re parents too and we know kids and teens learn differently.


(Already watched the webinar? Skip ahead and pick a plan that works for you.)

Funancial Freedom™ is the first online learning platform designed specifically to help kids ages 7-17 develop the financial literacy, daily habits, and money skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive, 21st-century economy.

Our proven methods are built on the 3 elements we find work best:

1. Gamified interactive experiences (To hold your kid’s attention)

1. Gamified interactive experiences (To hold your kid’s attention)

2. Hands-on activities (To break up screen time and solidify learning)

2. Hands-on activities (To break up screen time and solidify learning)

3. Short lessons that take minutes (To fit into your busy lifestyle)

3. Short lessons that take minutes (To fit into your busy lifestyle)

Why Now?  Why Do Your Kids Need Financial Literacy?

  • The earlier they learn how to take responsibility for their income and how to grow their own wealth, the more likely they will gain self-reliance. 

  • They achieve financial success early in life which creates confidence to succeed without relying on others or world circumstances.

  • Daily financial habits become normal, so financial security becomes a way of life.

That’s Why We Create FUNtastic Futures…

As a member of FUNancial Freedom™ Family, you and your kids get access to an amazing community of like-minded peers, parents, and kids who know that they’re on the path to a bigger future…A future designed by you and your child with an incredible foundation of financial freedom. A foundation that will strengthen every aspect of your kid’s life and bring your whole family closer together.

(Already watched the webinar? Skip ahead and pick a plan that works for you.)

Here’s how Funancial for Kids works:
  1. You pick a plan that works for your family (The lifetime access plan is best)

  2. Give access to the online portal to your kids

  3. Watch them play their way to financial literacy and money smarts


Plus, we’ve included downloadable playbooks, planners, and other fill-in-the-blank proprietary tools that show you and your kids how to apply the entire curriculum from home.

To support you further, the Funancial Freedom™ Family & Community is available to both you and your kids, so you can connect with other families, collaborate on lessons, and expand the fun.  Financial literacy is a family affair.

Our Online Gamified Courses Teach Your Kids How to MAKE and MANAGE Their Own Money and THAT Creates Confidence!
(Did you have that kind of confidence as a kid?!)

Start with the Free webinar, then choose the plan that works best for your family. 

Here’s a sneak peek inside Funancial Freedom™ for Kids:

  • The Secrets of the Rich (Lessons from Warren Buffet)

  • The #1 Commitment You Can Make right now is to start achieving financial literacy and success.

  • The Power of Compounding – How to put It to work for you.

  • How to avoid the #1 Mistake most people make when they go into debt. Let’s make sure you eliminate or stay out of debt by using this simple strategy


Our programs are fun, competitive, and engaging. They teach kids about financial literacy in accessible ways that make sense to them and affect their lives, desires, and dreams.

We’ve spent a lot of time developing the most comprehensive financial literacy program on the market.  But it was important to us that we didn’t just throw a bunch of boring information at you and your family.  So we created a learning structure we call LEAP.

LEAP breaks down the Funancial content into 4 bite-sized modules:
LEARN is the L of LEAP!
Every month in LEARN we will teach one aspect of money. For example one month it may be how credit cards work. The next month how the banking system works etc.
So every month your child or teen will LEARN something about money!

Every month in LEARN we will show your child or teen step-by-step how they can generate an income from home. And we alternate between an online business one month, and an offline business the next.

Plus in every EARN there is a downloadable Playbook for your Child or Teen to follow along with.


Every month in ACCELERATE we will show you how to GROW and SCALE your money.

In ACCELERATE we will share the importance of SAVING & INVESTING

PLAY is the P of LEAP!

In PLAY we will explore some fun ideas of what your child or teen can do with their income.

While at the same time giving back, creating an impact, and helping others.

Have Questions?

We’ve integrated plenty of support for you, your teens, and your entire family:  

Reach out to our Community Support System. If your teen (or you) has a question, send it into our Members’ Support System and get your key questions answered right away! We’re always here for you.

Join Our Community of FUNancially Free Parents…

As members of our program, you’ll gain access to a worldwide community of other like-minded, financially empowered parents…

You’ll be joining a club of families who are shaping their own economies rather than building other people’s wealth.  Our families love to support each other and answer questions.

At Funancial Freedom™, we spent a lot of time figuring out WHAT would grab teenagers’ attention and make the topic of finances compelling.

We did some research and found that teens are super interested in…

  • Budgeting, saving, spending, and staying out of debt (Managing money)

  • How to pay for college (Avoiding debt)

  • Investing and how to build wealth (Financial resilience) 


We think the Funancial Freedom™ for Teens does a great job at teaching teens all 3 of these topics.

If you’ve already watched our webinar, choose the plan below that works best for you and your family:

Lifetime Access

$ 365 One-Time Payment

With lifetime access, you get access to both the Funancial Freedom™ for Kids course AND the Funancial Freedom™ for Teens course for LIFE! That means you can have as many as 5 accounts FOREVER. (This plan gives you the most for your investment.)

Lifetime Access

$ 197 One-Time Payment

The Funancial Freedom™ for Kids course ONLY. 1 Account Only.

Our Zero Risk Guarantee:

If you invest in any of our programs and you’re not 100% satisfied contact us within 30-Days and we’ll happily refund you.

IMPORTANT:  If you haven’t watched the webinar, we recommend you start with that first.  You’ll have the ability to access either plan after the webinar.

Make money smarts a priority for your kids AND your family.  Financial literacy is a family affair.

Who is Funancial Freedom™ for?

For families who want a better financial future for their kids and teens.  

How is the content delivered?

Each course is delivered online through gamification and age-relevant approaches proven to engage.

How much time is needed to use Funancial Freedom™ courses?

Our course videos are designed to be easy to watch, usually in under 15 minutes each, however, how much time you need to put the lessons into action will depend on the commitment from the student and the family supporting them.

Can I cancel my membership if I’m not satisfied?

If you invest in any of our programs and you’re not 100% satisfied contact us within 30-Days and we’ll happily refund you


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