Many users are reporting that the game crashes, either upon launch or when trying to get beyond the loading screen – and it doesn’t look like there’s a universal solution just yet. Older GPU drivers can cause game crashing issues for they’re not able to support Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. To avoid crashing issues and improve your gaming experience, you need to always have the latest graphics driver installed. Also, make sure you have installed the latest Windows update and the latest game patch. Issues range from the game crashing after players enter its story mode, to players who can’t even launch the game via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

  • You can try and do that but beware that the game will start downloading the entirety of the RDR2 files if you choose to do so.
  • The latest update for the popular video game has finally arrived for the PC version and it addresses a lot of its glaring issues.
  • You can also find separate downloads for each individual component, so if you only want to improve the natural landscape, or just bridges, you can do that.

This mod takes the files of the Railway Rifle and swaps them with the scrapped files from the Harpoon Gun. The gun is fully working and it can take a person’s head clean off and skewer it to a wall in a bubble-trailing line of doom. Options for doorways in your settlements in Fallout 4 are a little mediocre to say the least. They’re almost nothing but functional for the pathing of NPCs. This mod is a fix to that, adding 11 new parts to wood/miscellaneous building that will allow you to customize and create new doorways that give your settlements an extra bit of authenticity.

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Do you have a SteelSeries mouse and it is somehow double-clicking for no reason? Here’s the ultimate fix guide to help you get rid of this issue. Reinstall the tension spring, which is a challenging step to do. It would be best if you put it on the small hook at the front of the mechanism. Then, use a screwdriver to push it into place while ensuring the back part of the spring stays under the small arm.

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It just needs three easy steps to install the correct mouse drivers for Windows 10. Sometimes, the speed of the mouse clicks can cause the double-click folders won’t open issue to happen on Windows. We know how it feels as I have observed that many Windows users faced this issue. Fortunately, there’s a fix for the mouse double click issue. To learn all about them, stay connected and read the post till the end. Even though you pressed the mouse button once does it perform a double click action?

But if you want to keep playing Fallout 4, mods are the best tool for you. The ability to use power armor liberally also makes it a lot more palatable to consider raising the difficulty level to try to find more legendaries. Intelligence and Charisma were a great way to go in Fallout 3, when Intelligence opened up more dialog options while Charisma helped you pass the speech checks. In Fallout 4, Intelligence only increases experience gains in combat and unlocks its perk tree, and no longer impacts conversations. While Charisma still influences speech checks, those checks seem less important in Fallout 4 than they were in previous games.